Less polluting processes in aeronautic industry Print
This project, funded by the EADS Corporate Research Foundation has started at the beginning of year 2007. The ultimate goal of this research is to remove environmentally hazardous operations like chemical etching (also called chemical milling) that uses volatile organic compounds as mask. An alternate solution is to replace this process by a cutting process such as milling.

Current machine-tools cannot compete with chemical etching. The innovative challenge is to build new machine tools able to tackle such tasks, in particular in terms of stiffness, damping and productivity. This scientific work will contribute to have less polluting and hazardous means for the production of airplane parts, in particular the skin. The kinematics of machines that will be selected will also be able to machine structural parts with thinner walls, and as a consequence contribute to reduce airplane mass.

The ways explored by this research, to fulfill the requirements are:

(boulet)redundancy in parallel mechanisms that can take several aspects: (i) kinematic redundancy, (ii) actuation redundancy and (iii) measurement redundancy

(boulet)hybrid machines: (i)  macro/micro concept, (ii) left hand / right hand paradigm

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