Sherpa Print

The Sherpa project, bio-inspired biped for load carrying, is designed as a first step towards a national ambition in humanoid robotics.

Project label: ANR-|0|6|-|B|L|A|N|-|0|2|4|4|

Partners: LIRMM, Montpellier - ISM, Marseille

We aim at designing and show the interest of a biped robotic device, dedicated to load carrying, by being close to several important features of humans or animals, and by imagining Sherpa, from start, as an artificial entity equipped with bio-inspired control methods based on a large set of sensors.

We strongly believe that a radical change in the design is required compared with existing humanoids projects (mechanisms inspired by industrial robots, control related issues treated at the end of the project), to be able to go further in terms of performances and acceptability.