AccuRobAs European project (2006-2009) : Minimally invasive surgery Print
This project responds to the growing demand of advanced tool for surgery, to compensate the sources of uncertainty and achieve higher precision, more dexterity and better perception during surgery. Top Medical Robotics research groups and companies from throughout Europe have teamed up and proposed AccuRobAs, the Accurate Robot Assistant. This solution addresses the problem of providing accurate motion and perception to the surgeon, by using KineMedic, a new compliant robotic arm developed by DLR. A surgeon can move the robot by hand, teleoperate it, or let it execute an automatic task.

AccuRobAs entails the development of a distributed, modular surgical environment, which extends the capabilities of the robotic arm by providing software tools to model, plan and execute a surgical procedure. The overall system will be open to contributions by the user community as well as potential developer, with whom a discussion forum will be established. System capabilities will be benchmarked in two demonstrators:
  • Laser ablation system, for autonomous task execution
  • Haptic palpation, to demonstrate tissue perception during laparoscopic surgery
Partners: University of Karlsruhe, University of Verona, German Aerospace Centre, University of Paris IV, BrainLAB.

The project started in October 2006 and ends in October 2009. It is part of the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6).

Official home page of the project: click here.

Scientific leader at LIRMM : P. Poignet