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The project CoGiRo, "Control of Giant Robots", deals with parallel cable-driven robots with very large workspaces and possibly heavy to very heavy payloads.
This project, which began in february 2010, is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR - Agence Nationale de la Recherche).
A parallel cable-driven robot consists mainly of a mobile platform, a base and a number of cables connecting in parallel the platform to the base. Generally, the base is fixed to the ground and each cable is attached to the mobile platform at one end. At its other end, the cable is wound by means of an actuated winch. The control of the cable lengths allows the control of the mobile platform position and orientation. Cable actuation makes possible to apply parallel cable-driven robots at various scales such as those of a conventional industrial robotic manipulator, a crane or even a giant radio telescope.
Despite a great application potential, very large parallel cable robots have rarely been studied and even more rarely build. The main goal of the project CoGiRo is to propose and validate innovative methodologies and means to control, calibrate and design parallel cable-driven robots with very large workspaces. A prototype of a large parallel cable robot will be build. This prototype will serve as a demonstrator and will enable the experimental validation of the results obtained during the project.
The partners of the project are:
  • LIRMM - DEXTER project team (project coordinator) - Contact: Marc Gouttefarde
  • INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée - COPRIN project team - Contact: David Daney
  • LASMEA - ROSACE - Contact: Philippe Martinet
  • FATRONIK France SAS - Contact: Cédric Baradat

Project web site (in French):